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No. With the help of cookies, the website can be made more user-friendly and the user can be recognized on a subsequent visit, not as a real person, but as the person in whose browser the relevant cookie was stored. Cookies are not dangerous for the computer. Because cookies cannot pass on viruses or read your hard disk.


Our website uses cookies to simplify your visit. The cookies used never collect personal data about you. In particular, the cookies store settings selected by you, such as the currently active user account, the shopping cart or your wish list. Cookies are also used for statistical purposes. We would like to point out that if cookies are not installed, you will not be able to use all the functions of our website.


Atelier Du Nord also uses cookies, which offer you certain advantages. The following overview shows which cookies Atelier Du Nord uses and which functions they offer.

Absolutely necessary cookies:
these cookies are necessary to make basic functions (e.g. use of the shopping cart and wish list, search, change of location, order) available on the Atelier Du Nord website.

Function related cookies:
these cookies are used to provide you with more comfort when using the website (e.g. display, forum) or to help you select new functions, e.g. for easier operation when searching (so-called A/B testing) .

Analysis cookies:
to continuously improve and optimize the content of our site and its usability, we use analytics technologies from Webtrends Inc. with the product “Webtrends Analytics”, from Optimizely Inc. with the product “Optimizely” and from Google Inc. with the product “AdWords Conversion Tracking”. The session and interaction data of the website visitor are collected and statistically evaluated. Cookies are used for this. The session and interaction data are never processed in a personal form, but always anonymously.

You can prevent the collection and storage of data via Google AdWords Conversion Tracking for the future at any time by downloading THIS ADD-ON.
You can prevent the collection and storage of data by Webtrends Analytics at any time by clicking on this LINK.


Atelier Du Nord uses retargeting technologies as a test and thus evaluates visited sites anonymously in order to target the advertising offer. Cookies collect general statistically relevant data about the visit to the website. However, no personal data about you is stored. Agreed!

How do I deactivate them?

All common browsers offer the option of deleting existing cookies or preventing cookies from being stored at all. Deactivation depends on your browser and the version you are using and can be done in the browser settings. If you don’t know how to make those settings, look in the help function of your browser.

If you refuse cookies, you will no longer be able to use some of the interesting functions on the Atelier Du Nord website. We therefore advise you to keep receiving cookies enabled. We treat it confidentially! Agreed!

For example, Atelier Du Nord uses your personal information for the payment process or when registering for the user area of ​​gastroluxe.be. To prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands, Atelier Du Nord uses technical encryption processes (such as SSL) to transfer the personal data. You can recognize the transfer of encrypted data by the display of a locking symbol, for example a key or a lock, in the status bar of your browser.

This data transfer process is reliable. Your data is transferred encrypted so that it cannot be reconstructed by third parties. Atelier Du Nord uses advanced techniques and carries out regular audits.

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