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About Atelier du Nord

Atelier du Nord is a family business founded in 1956. Managers Mieke and Bart have known the ins and outs of the company from an early age. They can be found on the work floor every single day and are therefore very closely involved in production. Every employee is part of the Atelier du Nord family. This translates into personal contact with each customer and a flexible, fast, customized service, resulting in long-term partnerships.

Atelier Du Nord

Atelier Du Nord

Hydraulics is our specialty, both production and repair. With years of expertise and modern machinery, everything is tailor-made to your wishes. We set ourselves the highest quality standards and test all finished products on the required criteria. If necessary, with an inspection by an agency of your choice.

Our own collection service ensures flexible and fast delivery within the Benelux. This allows us to solve unforeseen problems flexibly in a very short time. Atelier du Nord is available at any time with the necessary knowledge, experience and a smooth service.


Atelier du Nord produces and repairs cylinders, pumps and motors for the most diverse sectors. Hydraulics can be found in many machinery and tools.

Find out here to which sectors we all provide our services.


Machines / Capacities

Our up-to-date machinery is geared up to the requirements of our customers. Turning and milling, honing and sawing, ... from the finest finish to the heaviest materials we can process in our workshop. Find out here what you can come to us for.


New construction

We produce custom cylinders according to the wishes of our customers. Is an 'outdated' part no longer available? We can certainly replace it for you according to the example. This way we can even make the most unique parts.


Repair and turning and milling work

Every repair or damage case requires a specific approach. We think along with you about repair and revision. A repair is usually cheaper than a new cylinder. Looking for a specific solution? We can certainly help you!


The assets of Atelier du Nord

Why choose Atelier du Nord for your cylinders? In addition to personal contact and a flexible approach, these are our strong assets:

  • Reliable repair services
  • High level of service
  • Fast turnover time
  • Precise chromating and grinding
  • Turning – milling - honing
  • Technical Support
  • Personal transport service
  • Qualitative solutions
Atelier Du Nord